The Journey of Spiritual Healing

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Life sometimes presents difficult obstacles - many situations create woundedness. Unhealed relationships within one's biological family, difficult circumstances among friends and family, or within the community of faith, may unknowingly impact an individual's faith journey.  Additionally, unforgiveness may prevent healthy progress in spiritual formation.  Past abusive relationships and brokenness can lead to despair.  When this occurs, it is important to seek release from past, unhealthy circumstances that impact not only the present, but also future emotional and spiritual health. A valuable part of the journey toward healing includes identifying possible roadblocks that may be hindering one's spiritual growth.  This process enlists Christ's presence through a process of healing prayer as the Holy Spirit gently leads an individual in the journey toward wholeness. 

As an individual is led through a journey of forgiveness and spiritual healing, transformation occurs. Romans 12:2 states: "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." While typically and understandably one might desire that an injustice or abuse had never happened, and might wish to totally erase and forget a deeply injurious incident. God's desire is to transform the incident into a fruitful, life changing blessing to be used for the good of the person as well as to draw others unto Himself (Gen 50:20).

When someone willingly decides to allow God to exchange the difficult and unjust circumstances that have occurred in his or her life with forgiveness, the journey toward healing and wholeness begins.  Through a process involving healing prayer, the Holy Spirit is at work to move the person forward to break free of damaging experiences of the past.

Christ's ministry involved healing as he healed and then, also, sent out the early disciples to heal, set free, and share the good news of the Kingdom.  Today's believers are also called to minister Christ's healing, restoration, and reconciliation.  Healing and being set free continue to be a highly significant part of the present day Christ-centered journey.

To explore this process and begin a journey of healing in your life, contact Pat for more information and a personal response to your email.

In the area of spiritual healing, Pat has studied with Rev. Tilda Norberg, ordained elder in the UMC (Gestalt Pastoral Care) and Dr. Charles Kraft (Deep Healing & Deliverance doctoral coursework, Fuller Theological Seminary).  Pat has also studied with Dr. Archibald Hart, former Dean of the School of Psychology, Minister's Personal Growth doctoral coursework, Fuller Theological Seminary.