What is Spiritual Direction?

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Spiritual direction is the process of one person coming alongside of another to explore matters of spirituality. The process often involves seeking God's direction and leading for one's life. While a spiritual director assists the directee in the process as a companion, the guidance of the Holy is sought through times of discussion interspersed with periods of contemplation.

During an initial visit the director will often ask the directee to share his or her spiritual journey. Contemplative prayer and time for reflection provide a setting for God to minister to the directee. The directee may want to explore specific matters pertaining to his or her relationship to God and the spiritual journey. The director seeks God's wisdom and direction as both the spiritual director and directee are open to God's movement in their midst.

Generally the spiritual directee and the director will meet on a monthly basis on a pre-determined schedule. Initially meetings will often be scheduled more frequently. A contract is often developed between the spiritual director and directee for a specific duration of time, perhaps six-months, after which the spiritual director and directee will decide whether the contract will be extended.

Pat Horst is a 2008 graduate of the Oasis Ministries' Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides. She has completed the two year study and interactive group program under the direction of Glenn Mitchell. For additional information, visit Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development. Pat maintains a professional membership as a spiritual director through Spiritual Directors International. She continues to gain ongoing insights in spiritual direction through participation in a monthly peer group. Contact Pat to learn more about establishing a spiritual direction relationship with her.